Quick Titles

Quick Titles are titles that are issued same day by authorized offices.
Woodinville License Agency is proud to be a participating Quick title office.
Quick Titles are allowed in person at an approved agent and subagent office, by mail, to vehicles and vessels with a clear WA record, to new vehicles and vessels with an MSO/MCO, and to vehicles or vessels registered in Canada purchased by WA residents or dealers.
Quick Titles can only be mailed or given to owners of record.
A notarized Power of Attorney or notarized letter of permission will be required if someone other than the registered owner on record will be picking up quick title.

Quick Titles may not be processed if:

* There is no Washington record
* For snowmobiles
* A vehicle is to be newly branded as salvage, rebuilt, etc.
* When a previous title application has not completed yet
* The title is to be bonded or 3 year registration only (ownership in doubt)
Quick Title fees are $50.00 additional over normal titling fees.

To order a Quick Title by mail:

The following documents will be required
* A letter of request signed and dated; indicating a request for a Quick Title, mailing address, phone number, and an overnight mail envelope if desired service
* Vehicle Certificate of Ownership (Title) Application; signed by all owners on current record and notarized, completed with vehicle/vessel information (year make, model, VIN/HULL) showing WA resident address and requested mailing address, WA driver license number(s), and phone numbers
* Affidavit of Loss (Title); signed by all owners on current record and notarized
* Check, Money order or Cashiers check for $85.50 payable to D.O.L

If you are also licensing your vehicle at the same time you are requesting a Quick Title please contact our office so that we can provide you with the exact amount due.