Vehicle Permits
Trip permit- A 3 day trip permit allows you to operate an unlicense vehicle on public highways. Each permit is valid for 3 consecutive days. Any amount of permits may be purchased but only 3 may be used in a 30 day period.
Cost is $33.00

Transit Permits

A permit that authorizes an unlicensed vehicle to be operated in order to get documentation that is required to complete title transfer or registration. Transit permits are only valid on the 2 dates listed on the permit and for the purpose indicated on the permit as well. A transit permit may only be used once per vehicle.
Valid purposes include:
* Washington state patrol
* Certified weighing scale
* California emissions compliace verification
Cost is $8.00

Unlicensed vehicles are vehicles that have expired tabs or the current gross weight isn't enough for the load being carried
* Except off road vehicles or non highway use vehicles